Iphone volume keeps going up and down

It does sound like it's time to schedule a Genius appointment. Stu Wilson Good point I will check I would be trying the following highly non-scientific technical procedures: Give it a damn good clean Seriously, a really good one, get the finest vacuum nozzle you can and really give it a going over.

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Get a pin down the side of the buttons carefully, and not deep and try to see if you can clear out any crud Pretend you are playing Daley Thompsons Decatlon on the volume buttons For US readers, just think of any other button mashing game from the 80's. Press them often, press them fast, press them hard, so it at all angles Clean it again, use some alcohol on the end of a cotton bud Do the drop test. Bunch up your duvet, and fling your phone into it at high speed Basically, you're just trying to either loosen off the mechanism, remove any crap trapped underneath, and prevent any sticking or unwanted contact etc.

I can't see it as being a software issues at all, personally. With the more information supplied: Stu Wilson Stu Wilson 5, 5 20 Dani Dani 1. Sarah Sarah 1.

They're downloading

Ned Ned 1. Welcome to Ask Different! If you have a new question, please ask it by clicking the Ask Question button. Similar issue here when I'm listening to music through Deezer. Thought it could be my new headphones but they were absolutely fine for a few days end of last week.

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I then did the OTA update to 8. I've tried disabling and removing an Equaliser app I had installed and this made no difference. It seems to have made the problem worse. Last edited: Nov 27, JoeBall , crazydutchchica and rafajako like this.

ipad volume goes up by itself

Same issue here with the latest update. Happens with Spotify using bluetooth and wired headphones.

iPhone volume buttons not working after water damage

JoeBall and crazydutchchica like this. There was already a bug for this, for me it seems to be solved when I do NOT have my phone on mute with the slider on the side. When it is in either of the other settings, the volume does not randomly change, only when I put it to "silent" might be a good workaround for the time being. JoeBall , crazydutchchica , HideoKuze and 4 others like this. Thanks sander, switching to do not disturb and then changing the settings so it works like silent mode fixed the problem. JoeBall and tweetingsander like this.

Mervyn86 , Nov 29, Same problem here. Very annoying during a daily commute.. JoeBall likes this.

Chrizari3 , Dec 10, If in Silent mode, and you enable vibrations, the bug is gone as well. JoeBall and T like this. Ajaya14 , Jan 18, I am facing the same problem. But in my case the overall volume of the instrument became very down including phone call, media and YouTube etc JoeBall and Spike like this. Arokmin , Feb 1, Xperia XZ: Music volume keeps going down.

SOLVED: Sound up & down when recording video - iPhone 6s - iFixit

Read tips from the community here. Message 1 of I keep my phone in my pocket and play my music but everytime I walk about the volume reduces all the way down to nothing. I would assume that the volume button is being pressed down accidentally as I walk, but I'm not wearing tight trousers and I've tried putting the phone in different pockets and turning the phone to face into my body and also away from my body and nothing helps. Everytime I walk the sound goes right down to nothing I don't understand it. I've kept my Xperia Z for the last 3 years in my pocket while playing music and never once had this problem, it's really beginning to annoy me now.

Anyone else getting this? Message 2 of Are you playing the music on full volume? The Myth! The Forum Legend! Message 3 of No not full volume, and it happens immediately..

iPhone Volume Buttons Not Working – How To Fix

I'll set the volume, walk a few steps and the sound goes down to nothing as I walk. I turn the sound back up start walking again and the sound goes back down. Message 4 of Message 5 of I have the same issue: I must do pause and play to have the correct volume.