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How to use User Agent Switcher - Firefox - Mac Os X - to Iphone

This extension allows you to reliably spoof your browser "User-Agent" string to a custom one. The extension provides a list of all well-known "User-Agent" strings for different browsers and operating systems as follows: Supported operating systems: You can set or reset custom "User-Agent" string from the toolbar popup 2.

The extension uses two techniques to mimic your default "User-Agent" string which is the most reliable ways.

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Let me know if you found a way that the actual "User-Agent" string can be leaked. This extension does not use any resource when it is disabled from the toolbar popup. As of version 0. It is also possible to exclude certain domains from being spoofed. Check the options page for more info. Read FAQs page for more info. How are you enjoying User-Agent Switcher and Manager?

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Some Gecko-based browsers may not opt into using this token; for this reason, sniffers should be looking for Gecko — not Firefox! Whether this token appears is controlled by the "general. The platform part of the UA string indicates if Firefox is running on a phone-sized or tablet device.

When Firefox runs on a device that has the phone form factor, there is a Mobile; token in the platform part of the UA string. When Firefox runs on a tablet device, there is a Tablet; token in the platform part of the UA string instead.

How to Change Firefox User Agents on an iPad

For example:. However, if you use UA sniffing to target content to a device form factor, please look for Mobi to include Opera Mobile, which uses "Mobi" for the phone form factor and do not assume any correlation between "Android" and the device form factor.

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Also, please use touch detection to find touch devices rather than looking for "Mobi" or "Tablet", since there may be touch devices which are not tablets. Windows user agents have the following variations, where x. Beginning in version 41, Firefox for Android will contain the Android version as part of the platform token. For increased interoperability, if the browser is running on a version below 4 it will report 4.

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Android versions 4 and above will report the version accurately. Note that the same Gecko—with the same capabilities—is shipped to all versions of Android. From version 1, Focus is powered by Android WebView and uses the following user agent string format:. Starting in Version 6, users can opt into using a GeckoView-based Focus for Android with a hidden preference: Since version 4.

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Before version 4. Version 3 and probably earlier of Firefox for Fire TV use a user agent string with the following format:. Although it is strongly discouraged by Mozilla, some handset manufacturers unfortunately include a token in their device's UA string that represents their device id. If this is the case, the Firefox OS UA string will look like the device-specific string in the table above, where nnnn; is the manufacturer's code for the device see Guidelines.

We provide this information to assist with your UA detection logic, but Mozilla discourages the detection of a device id in UA strings. Here is a JavaScript regular expression that will detect all mobile devices, including devices with a device id in their UA string:. While the version number for Firefox OS is not included in the UA string, it is possible to infer version information from the Gecko version number present in the UA string.

It's easy to find the correspondences by looking at the Mercurial repository names: Firefox OS has a four-digit version number: