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PACK 2 Update: Some firmware versions of Qcom Hexagon phones are not supported yet! Thus, you can easily determine yourself if Qcom Hexagon device firmware is supported by Sigma and make a decision about purchasing Pack 2. Please complete the following step: Pack 2 is constantly evolving and being updated, so stay tuned! Find all the details about the solution in the corresponding manual Pack1 update: The following models added to the list of supported for servicing with Yoda method: Vodafone N Smart 4 Power is added 3.

Get acquainted with the manual for more details: Is my firmware version supported? Sigma Qcom update: Phones added to the list of supported: Just Backup NV file from a working set and restore it into the corrupted one. These features are supported for the following Huawei devices: The following unique solutions have been released for Motorola Qcom Hexagon smartphones: Full support for MotoX smartphones, including devices with Android 4. Unlock Motorola bootloader This procedure can be performed in the following Motorola devices: Find full manual on the official website 3.

Just root the phone, and it's ready to be serviced. We have examined and fixed customer-reported issues regarding unlocking MotoX-series. Full service manual can be found here This service method can potentially work on the following Qualcomm-based ZTE devices: We are waiting for your logs and feedbacks. Pack 1 Update: The following Qualcomm-based models added to the list of supported: We have fixed minor customer-reported issues. Version 2. The code is displayed in a log. The following models have been added to the list of supported devices for servicing with Yoda method: How to: Once this is done, you can proceed to servicing procedure following the instructions in the manual.

Use this manual and share your feedbacks on servicing these models. The following MTK models have been added to the list of supported devices for servicing with Yoda method: The software will automatically check for updates every time it is launched Time-saving tips: Every day we receive lots of queries about features supported for each phone model and how to find a manual.

So here are some tips to help you find the information you need: You'll see all features that are supported by your current version of Sigma. Find an additional information: Download Sigma Software v. The list of supported models has been extended with 40 new devices ADB mode tab: The following models have been added to the list of supported for servicing with Yoda method: A lot of minor improvements for Qualcomm-based cell phones have been made 3.

Are you ready for one more great update of the last years? Today we are proud to present unique and long-awaited solution exclusively for Sigma Pack 2 owners. With this solution you get an access to service procedures that were impossible to perform with other service tools before. Feel the full contact with Sony smartphones!

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Expand functionality of your Sigma with Pack 2 activation and experience all benefits of the most profitable solution on the market. Improved Sony Hexagon servicing procedures! We have made a lot of improvements Sony Hexagon-based smartphones. It is highly recommended to use the latest version of the software so that you can benefit from our recent improvements and perform service procedures for this group of devices! We are waiting for your logs and feedbacks on our support forum. Sony, Motorola, ZTE and others. Once that is done, follow the instructions in the manual to proceed to service procedure.

We have made some minor improvements for different Sony Qcom-based smartphones Download Sigma Software v2. We are the first to add a new series of sizzling hot Sony Xperia L smartphones to the list of our trophies!

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Sony Xperia L: Pack 1 Update The following models have been added to the list of supported for servicing with Yoda method: These models were supported by earlier software versions: We have made lots of general software improvements. Pack1 update: We have expanded the list of devices that support Yoda method with the following models: New MTK phones have been added to the list of supported devices: We have implemented many important enhancements, which add more efficiency and productivity into your work with the new mobile phone models.

Added service support without rooting for: Some of the supported devices: Sony C, C; Huawei Y and more The list of models supported with "Autodetect" feature has been updated New MTK Android smartphones have been added to the list of supported: Vodafone Smart Chat: Find full service manual here 2. Exclamation Sigma Software v. Fixed major customer-reported issues regarding servicing of some ZTE Hexagon smartphones. Be ready to provide us with the Teamviewer ID and security area saved from this phone We apologize for any inconvenience.

The following Qualcomm models have been added to the list of supported: We have improved work with Qcom Hexagon cell phones. Update your Sigma software and explore new possibilities right away! Sigma root solution has been significantly updated http: News Sigma Software v. Does it support two SIM cards, or just one? Is it a senior-friendly phone or just a popularly priced cellular handset? No matter what appearance your Alcatel phone has, now we have a full pack of flash files for it! Flash File Area Update: Please follow the corresponding manual here http: You can gear up the process!

Help us to find more sp-locked devices! From now on, the old method of servicing this group of phones in ADB Mode can be used for repair Security Area purposes only. A step-by-step manual with all drivers required can be found here. Huawei Ascend YL01 is officially tested Friday the 13th update Great news for all Sigma users! You're the first and only to enjoy our new solution for some popular Huawei smartphones.

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Please follow the instructions from the corresponding manual here. With a great pleasure we introduce our latest free solution for all Sigma Pack1 users! Before you connect a phone: Here you'll find a step-by-step manual with all required drivers. We are interested in buying Huawei Hi-Silicon smartphones factory service software As soon as we receive this dongle, we will add support without rooting for models listed in this update.

The most advanced solution on the market: How to enter the menu in order to select Manufacture mode: Significantly improved Sidewinder method for servicing for Huawei HiSilicon Balong devices. Added special button for Bootloader Password Reading Huawei HiSilicon Balong devices Press the button to read a code immediately. HiSilicon Tab: Sidewinder method has been upgraded: New MTK smartphones added to the list of supported devices: Added support for new MTK phones: Qcom Tab: Fast service support added for the following firmware versions: Added service support for MotoX smartphones with Android 5.

Sigma Software Version 2. Dear User, Sigma Software v. Starting from this update, you can service devices on Mediatek MT chip. This solution provides service support for hundreds Devices that are potentially supported by this solution: Other devices based on MT chips Detailed manuals on how to service MTK phones are available in the Help section on the official website.

We have made lots of minor but significant improvements for all supported platforms. It can be used to adjust phone settings correctly after the device has been flashed The feature can be found in Hisilicon tab - Service Bookmark Lanix Ilium L added to the list of supported.

Please, follow this manual to unlock this phone Sigma root solution has been updated The following smartphones have been added to the list of supported devices: It is required to update your Sigma card to the latest firmware version. We have fixed customer-reported issues regarding servicing of some MTK smartphones.

A big thanks to all of you who left feedbacks. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused. New models have been added to the list of supported devices: Added unlock support via Download mode for a group of This solution allows you to avoid rooting and diagnostic port activation Supported devices: How to set a device into the Download mode: Full manual and drivers are available in the support area. Fast Direct Unlock database has been updated with the following firmware versions: New MTK models have been added to the list of supported devices: New version of software is out.

This time we are bringing you the set of important improvements Improved unlock procedure via Download mode for Added support for the following MTK smartphones: Released lots of minor improvements in MTK phones unlocking procedure. Read the Manual before getting started. Use Yoda method to work with the listed above models The following phones have been added to the list of supported devices: Service via USB cable. A step-by-step user guide is available here. The list of devices that support Yoda method Important bug fix related to servicing Huawei Hisilicon devices.

Thanks to mcalister for testing. Direct unlock via download mode for the following models: Other newly added devices supported for direct unlocking: Sigma root solution has been updated. Hisense HS-X8C added to the list of supported devices. Android ADB tab: The following smartphones added to the list of supported devices: Our special gift for all Sigma users! Root is not required, please follow this manual: Currently, this solution has been tested on the following models: Tested on devices with Android 4.

We encourage you to test our repair solution for other The following Moto devices have been successfully tested and added to the list of supported: We would like to thank all users who have participated in testing. This solution is now available as a virtual product - Pack 2 activation. Please follow this manual to perform the procedure. More Moto models supported SigmaKey Software v2. This time we have added support for such Moto phones: More Moto devices and more fw versions supported The solution for the most recent firmware versions of Moto If Sigma reports the following message: Try downgrading it.

The procedure itself is quick. Root and bootloader unlock is not required for it. New Moto models have been tested and added to the list of supported devices: Follow this manual to perform unlock or repair procedure. Potentially supported Moto devices: If you have one of the listed above phone models, Activate Pack 2 to perform service procedures for more than of New models based on different platforms have been tested Improved Unlock Huawei Bootloader procedure via adb mode. Follow this manual to perform bootloader unlock procedure immediately.

The following smartphones have been added to the list of supported models: New Moto models have been tested and added to the list of supported phones: Full list of ZTE smartphones supported by this solution is available here The following MTK smartphones have been added to the list of supported devices: Added Italian localization http: ZTE Hexagon Smartphones.

Rooting is not needed anymore!

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  • The procedure is fast and simple to the maximum. How to do it: ZTE models supported by this method: Service solution for the latest firmwares with a new protection: Service solution for the latest firmwares with a new protection has been improved. Full manual is here. This solution is in a test mode. Follow the basic manual to service new phones. We have implemented important enhancements into the work with the New models in the list of supported: The season has just started, so something new and exciting is coming soon.

    Get ready! Released lots of minor improvements in the service procedures. We have released Unlock operation for the newest group of Alcatel models: Note that newest Alcatel models now require manual model selection. New Qcom-based models added to the list of supported: New MTK models in the list: Follow the Unlock without rooting manual to service newest products from Alcatel.

    Big improvements of the Sidewinder method! From now on no need to root devices with latest protected firmware versions before New models were added to the list of supported. We wish you a nice week at work! In answer to your numerous requests, we are glad to introduce Major benefits: This solution was currently tested on: Use Service without rooting manual for those purposes, test new models and show Released Get bootloader unlock password on Qcom-based Huawei smartphones. Connect phones in the Manufacture mode Huawei Qcom devices Manufacture mode.

    Released Get bootloader unlock password for newest HiSilicon-based Huawei devices P9, Mate 8 etc. Phone has to be connected in Fastboot mode. Detailed manual is here. This solution comes as a virtual product - Pack 3 Activation http: Huawei Y Follow this manual for step-by-step guide. In the last few months we recorded a lot of hacker attacks at our product ddos attacks, fraud attempts, emulation, etc. Follow this manual for step-by-step guide. This solution included in our new virtual product - Sigma Pack 3 Activation Many thanks to all loyal customers who bought Pack 3 during the last few days, Huawei MTK models.

    Huawei Y6 Elite: Huawei Y6II compact: Activate our new virtual product - Sigma Pack 3 Activation Update your Sigma card to the latest firmware version. Newest Huawei devices were added to the list of supported: Released flashing support for newest Qcom-based Alcatel smartphones. How to remove Huawei ID and activate your phone: Pack3 Update: Once again, we are proud to present a brand new solution requested by customers! Service manual is available here. This solution is available as our virtual product - Pack 3 activation. This update is available for all Sigma users.

    Use Generic Method for servicing. Please, use the latest software version only for these devices. List of new MTK models supported: Browse to find all supported Huawei devices and features here. This will help to extend the list of supported devices for service purposes. Improved service procedures for newest Huawei MTK models QCOM Tab: Supported newer bit based devices: SigmaKey v.

    It's a Sony. Big Sony Update Wrong Code Counter Reset functions for Key benefits: Root required. Tested on devices running Android 4. You can find our easy-to-understand unlocking manual in the "Help" section. This solution is included into Pack 3 activation. Moto FRP Remove feature introduced. This solution should work for: We welcome you to test new devices and share your experience with us. Added Chinese translation of Sigma software. Made lots of general software improvements.

    New MTK smartphones in the list: New MTK phones in the list: New models added to the list: Use Yoda method for unlocking. MTK Alcatel smartphones on Android 5. This update provides support for more firmware versions. Lenovo Vibe K5 AL37 added to the list of supported models. Today we are glad to present support for Huawei ID remove features for Huawei: Nova Plus G9 Plus Maimang Honor 8 pro Honor P10 Plus Mate 9 Pro Mate ZTE Obsidian locked with T-Mobile "Device Unlock" app T-Mobile "Device Unlock" application.

    Huawei MediaPad M3 lite 8. Huawei MediaPad T Huawei Mediapad Go Flip Fierce XL Fierce Idol Other Options: External RAM testing. Accelerating execution of operations boost mode. Autodetect MTK boot speed. Multilingual software interface. Sigma - Qualcomm Features. Unlock code calculation by IMEI. Supported phone brands: Direct unlock. Smartphones, Phones and Tablets.

    Fast direct unlock via USB cable. Unlock with unknown firare version. Reset code entry attempts counter. Repair corrupted security data file for ZTE models. No user data will be lost after unlocking. Locked bootloader. Relock Bootloader for Huawei models without traces left in the firare. Standalone solution no server codes or credits needed.

    No limit for code quantity calculated per day. Repair IMEI. Huawei smartphones. Details on Sigma Qualcomm Features can be viewed on the manufacturer's website. Sigma - Broadcom Features. Alcatel, ZTE, Vodafone smartphones. No need to type in codes into the phone after unlocking. Unlock via USB cable. Wrong Code Counter Reset. Automatically, without flashing. Read all types of codes. Other Sigma Broadcom Features can be viewed on the manufacturer's website. Motorola Android Smartphones running on Texas Instruments. Unlock via micro-USB cable.

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    Phone has to be rooted before unlocking procedure. Reset the counter of code entry attempts. Sigma - Supported CPUs. Support for new CPUs and flash chips are added constantly. Sigma - Supported OS. Windows Windows Server Sigma - Supported mobile devices. Sigma - Support for Broadcom.

    Sigma - Support for Qualcomm.

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    Alcatel Qualcomm. Qcom Android: Blu Qualcomm. Da Dash 3. Huawei Qualcomm.

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    Qcom tablet: Qcom phone: Motorola Qualcomm. QCOM Hexagon: Orange Qualcomm. SFR Qualcomm. Vodafone Qualcomm. ZTE Qualcomm. Qcom modem: AC30, MF Acer Qualcomm. Amoi Qualcomm. Artel Qualcomm. Azumi Qualcomm. A35 Kl Bitel Qualcomm. Bmobile Qualcomm. Cloudphone Qualcomm. Excite G. Coolpad Qualcomm. Kyocera Qualcomm. M4tel Qualcomm. Megafon Qualcomm. Movitel Qualcomm.

    M, M MTN Qualcomm. MTS Qualcomm. Tecno Qualcomm. Verykool Qualcomm. Viettel Qualcomm. V, V, V, V, V Vtelca Qualcomm. Sigma - Support for MTK. Ltd unternehmen schlafsack spring farm nsw real estate worldwide plays festival riparazioni cellulari napoli 47d bus timings in chennai leons chicken and ribs the king of queens doug and carrie song cm 90 kg bodybuilder belize hole color ngaji blusukan kh aad fast financial administration services vuelvo a escapar kudai letra africachina exports fall by 40 after china slowdown oranienstein schloss diez mieten 83 sunnyside east queensbury ny hercules hydra burp dubai metro timings dec 31 fowling warehouse hamtramck mi wohnung mieten starnberg ohne provision it was always you maroon 5 lirik mobile arcade houston roger lennertz vermisst ezel 54 tawakoni state park spider web kee mody brabeckletmathe wiki west bengal sales tax form 50 dziewirski wirginiusz rist cibreo firenze landskod web flange steel beam noul logan joshua d.

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