Samsung galaxy s4 thermometer app

A beautifully designed app that lets you know the temperature and humidity in the air on your phone. Besides the temperature unit settings, Galaxy S4 Thermometer lets you change the background image from either the pre-loaded images, Gallery or Camera. The developer is said to include more features such as widget support, refresh interval, toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit in the future updates. Unlike the above apps, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Thermometer is a feature-rich and paid app that turns your phone into a thermometer.

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The app also has a calibration option that let you offset any errors in temperature reading due the sensor inaccuracy, influence of heated battery or phone case you may be using. As for now, my pick is the Galaxy S4 Thermometer. Free , which does well in showing the temperature and humidity readings with a beautiful background that I can choose. Click here for more Samsung Galaxy S4 tutorials, tips and tricks.

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Thermometer Plus is a simple and easy to use thermometer app that has a lot of personalization and high quality graphic.

[APP] Thermometer Plus for Galaxy S4 | Samsung Galaxy S 4 i, i, iG, i

Thermometer Plus is an all-in-one app which can measure temperature, relative humidity, pressure, altitude using the built-in sensors for your device. Thermometer Plus can be used for most of your outdoor and indoor activities.

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With this app you can customize your thermometer from: You can add widget to lock screen No pin or password. Pressure calibration by GPS in Setting uses more battery v1. Transparent theme for widget. Press "Back" button after customized your widget to enable it.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 S Health Temp Sensor & Comfort Level Fix

A transparent widget would be great. OP Senior Member. Aug My Devices: That means they want you to know if you're in a safe environment to work out.

[APP] Thermometer Plus for Galaxy S4

But just because they packed all of these sensors in the S Health app doesn't mean we SoftModders can't do something about it. A much better use of the ambient temperature and humidity sensors would be to use them as a personal and portable weather station. Which is exactly what Android app developer A-Minor thought when he created Weather Station , a free and ad-free app that utilizes your new sensors to their fullest potential.

As A-Minor states, the code for these sensors was implemented by Google back in Android 4. That being the case, aside from S Health, this is one of the only few apps that put these sensors to work.