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Pick the one which suits you the most, download it and drift on to your favorite article or book.

TimeToRead, is a free offline reading application for Lumia users, which allows them to save a webpage or articles to read them later without an internet connection. However, it might disturb you a bit with the adverts, but is one of the most popular offline reading apps among Windows users. You just have to sync using internet connection and you can read it when you are free and also tweet about it. Download it here. Burn After Reading app comes in a free as well as paid version.

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Both versions are equally featured and the only difference is that trial version contain ads that might disturb you while reading your favorite article. Other features of the app includes the ability to save pages in Google Bookmarks, metro design, ability to add new pages to your existing reading list, search for a particular web page in your list, and advanced sharing system. It is available at Windows Phone Store. This is yet another useful app for Lumia users which comes two different view modes—article view and original page.

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This app lets the Lumia users to connect with their Pocket account and sync the saved web pages and online articles. Furthermore, it also lets users to download the articles for offline reading. Available for USD 0. Buy it here. Edit your Pocket lists archive, favorite, tag, or delete single or multiple items Sort or filter your bookmark lists by category or tags or search for specific bookmarks. Download articles most articles including images, not audio or video though for offline reading articles viewed once are downloaded anyway. Share a bookmark from Latermark to other apps like Mail.

Put Latermark on your lockscreen and pin individual items to your Start screen for quick access. Share links to Pocket via Latermark through the Windows share function from e.

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Edge or Twitter when online and even offline. Please note that only items viewable in "Reader mode" can be read out, printed, or downloaded for offline reading. For news about the app, for feature requests or to report a problem please visit latermarkapp at Twitter. Thank You! Today I've discovered the last two "must have" apps to allow me to replace my old Android tablet with a Windows tablet: Flipboard and Latermark. I've been reliant on Pocket for a couple of years, and kept waiting for a Win8 version. I'm so pleased to find Latermark, which does all that I need from Pocket, including most importantly offline reading.

Thank you! Update - the latest version really smoothed out the interface, especially updating articles. I no longer feel any need for the official Pocket app on WinRT at all. Nice job!

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I am a heavy user of Pocket for storing and reading long-read articles I find on the web. I love the way this app allows me to set Fullscreen, Nightmode, Theme, Highlight color, Typeface, Font size, Line height, Reading width, Text justification, Columns, Paragraph style, and other features in the style settings. There are even more options available in the Options settings. This is definitely worth upgrading to get rid of the ads. The developer has done an amazing job on Latermark, and the fact it is now in update version 7.

Latermark gets my highest recommendation. I bought this months ago. Each new update adds some features yea! But worst of all, despite having bought the "no ads" feature, they keep coming back. When I go to remove them again, it says it can't complete the transaction. It's not a bad app, but feels like the developer should focus on polishing what's there rather than trying to add new stuff that introduces bugs.

Even better than Poki. You don't have to open the app and refresh to sync with other devices. Lots of options for customizing the interface. Whenever you come across an interesting article, video, or website you want to check out later, you no longer have to send yourself links or bookmark items in your browser. Simply put it in your Pocket. Really nice app, nice design, worth the money for premium.

But it doesn't seem to remember what I was doing when I switch back to the app. Also would be better in tablet mode if you could scroll using the margins.

As it is, you have to reach your thumb over a few inches into the screen to reach a scrollable touch area. Beautiful layout, quick to sync and responsive. Really well designed and functional. Better than the official app on iOS and Android.

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Please keep updating it! This is the most flawless, expertly executed app ever! Those extremely rare instances where the third party app is better than the original.

Thank you so much guys and keep up the great work! Before migrating from Android to Windows, I used the official Pocket app and after the transition, I tried multiple Pocket client for Windows. Poki has been the one most worth my time, and money to buy Premium and unlock all the features, and I recommend it if for no other reason than its last update was a while ago, and it still runs great on Windows 10's Creators Update today.

My favorite part about the app is that, if you've already logged in on another device and allowed Windows to save your credentials for easier login, Poki takes full advantage of that and will run for the first time, log you in straight away, and just start downloading your Pocket-ed content. The design is very Windows 8-esque, with a horizontally scrollable feed, but it's a great experience n both touchscreen devices and non-touch laptops and desktop PCs.

This app is just excellent. It looks nice, its fast and it works well. If you updated the design a bit for windows 10 I'd want to give this app 6 stars. I think it is more beautiful and functional than the original Pocket.

Unofficial Pocket app ‘Poki’ for Windows Phone 8 now available for download

Now with version 2 it is perfect: I don't usually rate apps, but this one is so good that I feel the need to do so. This app is, in my opinion, the best Pocket client, even compared to the official app and website. This app can do everything I need; adding sites easily and reading articles in the app OR on the original site very easily. Not to mention how well it fits into the UI of Windows Phone 8. If you use Pocket, get this app. Translate to English.