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EQ and bluetooth send music in the media player.

Personally I would like to see a disc golf frisbeegolf application for Nokia N9 to record disc golf scores. I suppose Symbian is missing that as well. It can be a really simple application such as Scoresheet for N Or more complete solution such as Easy Scorecard for Android: N also had DGScores application: I'm pretty sure that people playing disc golf and having Nokia N9 would even pay couple of euros for that. I agree. This is the only major app i miss with N9.

Frisbeegolf is a fast est growing sport in Finland and people use Android and iApps all the time on the course. It's major fun to put your score on board and later on you can follow your development on the net. Nokia could also do co-operation with golfgamebook. There's already very good foursquare app so please make a Yelp app. What I have read and understood there is hardware discluding the antenna for transmitting. So the hardware should be able to tell the hardware to use another antenna for that if possible. Would it have button to switch the camera?

HEy i dont know if this is feasable or possible but something that just popped in my mind I mean so that too people can tlk to each other without needing ur calling service only internet And by the way hats off to all the developers working here Brilliant apps and more in the making everyday N9 is a talented child that Nokia has given up for adoption Try out the Talkbox app, it gives walkie-talkie style voice messages http: Social media notifications would be great.

Something like Boxcar for iPhone http: The app that uses GPS to show what is around you!! I was very use to it when searching for Movies, restaurants, etc Nokia most of use would pay for this app. I would like a feature to subscribe for new messages applications. It'd be useful for a developer to know when new postings are done to his application. LED Event Notifier stable verson preferable if this was part of this phone's settings and not an app.

Hi can we please get an application that runs on the background integrated into the settings to Automatically close any open applications at predefined time. For e. It should also give options to restart or turn off phone at specific times.

There was a similar application on ovi store for Nokia i have forgotten the name maybe that can be ported over. Would love to be notified similar to new sms notification. What about a N9-apps. Would be very nice to browse this site directly on the n9. World Clock - I was a tad disappointed when I found that the native clock app does not support multiple clocks. It'll be really wonderful to include that as part of an update and I hope Nokia will do so. If not, a separate app will be just as great. Found this on the Nokia Store: For me that is all its basically lacking. Tikl, whatsapp, Fruit Ninja, Plants vs Zombies, angry birds, angry birds rio, angry birds season and good games from gameloft!!!!

I'd like to see simple and good text editor like Leafpad on N and integrate it to Filebox like on N Whatsapp and fruit ninja,i need those apps very much! I had it on E62, you take a picture of any written materiel on a paper or whatever, and the application transfers it into text. You need to enable dev mode though. Samsung SmartTV remote control and that you could write text also soso it would be keyboard aswell. Great that you suggested that idea now, because this is coming soon. Barrapunto Spanish news website with free software, technology and digital rights http: WI-Fi calling I had this on my LG- G2x Random Wallpaper each time the device is locked it will use a different wallpaper.

Probably this should be a native feature and not an app. If you have played that game on iPad now also available on iPhone you know how awesomely addictive it is. Oh, I would love to have that on my N9. I hope Nokia's own barcode reader app is ported to N9. Find details here: Client for subsonic [ http: Just a big thank you note to all of the developers out there, you are the heart of N9 and it's true support. With amazing people like you, the N9 will never lack love!!! An addition to GPS applications to allow a recorded, measured width of a track eg 1 - 15 metre track width capability.

Then it will be about to make all your contacts switch from Whatsapp to this app ;- which is my opinion better anyways especially with webXMS and it's free, if someone cares about that. I need a messenger like that badly too, but patience The N9 is still a new phone and the development of complex software needs time. But I wouldn't put much hope into Whatsapp since it's coming from the US where the N9 doesn't play a role and it seems they're not working on anything for Meego Users.


I think most people have seen it so I removed it. Here's the link: Whatsapp petition. Video calling will be supported in N9 when Pr 1. Let's hope it will enable skype video calling too. A serious Stock Quote app that takes sources from Yahoo Finance. Needs a pretty interface to go with it. I'd prefer a Bloomberg app or something similar - then you can see financial news and track your stocks and maybe a stock search function as well.

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Please contact the author of aarddict to port the application from N to N9. Vote for aarddict here too. WhatsApp isn't really free. On some platforms you already have to pay for it. It's the protocol used for GTalk as well. You can choose a service provider you like and trust, or even set up your own server. In fact, WhatsApp also ab uses XMPP, but they disallow server-to-server communication; you can't chat with anyway not on their server, even though the protocol supports this from the ground up.

That is an app like the Aldiko for Android. Just strip the damn DRM from the epub-files. There are Python-based tools for that, so you can do it yourself. A native KeePass app would be great, i want to be able to add, remove and edit my password database on the fly and sync with dropbox. Maybe you guys can port them cause I'm jealous of my friends who's using iPhones that is filled with games and apps. I sent an email to shazam and they told me they had no plan to develop a meego version. Of course this swipe-optimized UI is not really suited for little baby hands I would like to suggest the following:.

Not sure if that's possible. An app that can teach me some Japanese everyday. Something that makes it easy to learn it. And Nokia Situations of course. Minor app idea: With a few changes to the styling of the site setting max-width instead of width and specifying a proper viewport size, the site could be very easy to navigate mobile-y. We're talking 10 minutes of work, testing included. Just press 'add to apps' from browser. It isn't optimized for mobile though, so it's difficult to do anything. We will make the mobile version later, not sure about native client.

There is one called Peregrine 1. There's an App called Simple Mirror that activates the front camera, unless you want to take pictures with it. AirHockey please There are tons made for Symbian. You should just port it to MeeGo as well. Hi Guys!!!. Interesting http: And without cost, whatsapp it's only 1 year free. They sent me an email saying that they had no plans to develop an app for the N9 - so yes, I will keep my E7 for Whatsapping and also for travelling as hardly any pay as you go SIM cards are available as micro SIMS I would like to have LiveProfile however they started about 7 months ago in build the app for symbian and meego and nothing so far.

Whatsapp would be nice either. I need accuweather application please Telcel erase it such as youtube, Skype, etc I'm from Mexico. Kindle reader would be really nice, the desktop app is written with QT, so only UI had to be ported. There is fbreader supporting almost all eBook formats, and fortunately books purchased for kindle may be with a little effort, "fair use" only stripped from DRM and used with fbreader too.

A blacklist app, Soundhound, eBuddy and Emoji would be nice. Also, perhaps a gaming title exclusively for the N9 only and the awaited Meego Harmattan update! I call from US to Sweden and it is better quality than to make a normal phonecall. Themes are possible with N9. Why are there no themes? If I understand corectly you can also control text size with themes.

I would like an app that would remove the operator name on the high left corner or allow me to change it to some other text. This has already been requested at least 4 times now, see below. Yes I would like it as well. Here is a link to the Nokia support site my post has a picture of a advert for the N9 with a QR code on it but if you do have a N9 unfortunately you can not read it. Check Butaca: Cinema Information. Looks good, still need an n9 to try it out.

But looks like one of the apps I'm gonna use a lot as a cinema-lover Why didn't you use the database of IMDB? Tango http: I've already implemented a CLI version of this idea but since I'd really suck at improving it with a UI, and I couldn't find any time to learn to do it better, thats why I'm asking. Think there are about 50 points for this app so far, other people have asked for it as well, is there someone clever out there who could do this?

Want this too. Maybe a port of a maemo 5 app is possible. Someone should ask the dev or try it on his own. Sign this petition for last. You already have joikuspot. And you have bluetooth, which IMO is better suited and easier for tethering anyway. Nokia boasts of this phone's camera capabilities as the best after Nokia N8. Oh, and ZenBrush as well. I use pageonce too. It's not the best solution, but you can access your page via the web and bookmark it to your app home page.

While I can say our development team are continually working on bringing the service to as many platforms and regions as possible, there are currently no plans to release the app for that particular OS. I'll make separate requests for these. Also, you can just vote up the previous request if it's already there.

An app to tweak font sizes within various built-in apps on the N9. Many of the existing apps, those that don't allow pinch to zoom, have font sizes that are too small. There was an app for the N called Font Changer - see http: Agreed, it would just be great to change the font size, especially in the notification feeds and web browser; small medium large. Google Reader client. A good one, with a nice graphic and folders support not something so simple like NewsFlow.

Check out gNewsReader http: Not having a speed dial is an issue for me. I know we already have favourites.

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In a car while driving this can be difficult I do use a bluetooth headset. We need a speed dialer that can be context sensitive, i. Of course it needs a default action for the particular contact. DropN9 works OK, but it is still a bit rugged. Having files form my Dropbox in a flat directory on the N9 is a bit hard to work with. Not an app-suggestion, but in case Nokia pays attention to this site at all - it would've been nice if they made it possible to integrate events from facebook to the N9's calender for notfications and such App for Naxos music library and music player.

If it is possible. The website player needs flash so it doesnt work. An app like "coming next" for Nokia N8 Symbian3 with a choice for up to 6 month events displayed. A scientific calculator. The bundled calculator is just too basic without even a sqrt function and no brackets. A good database app that integrates all the sensor capabilities, e. Further the database should have full relational capabilities. Here http: Oops didn't realise the 'Nearly' button.

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Only downside, you could only check-in to already existing places. A wi-fi analyzer app to display wi-fi networks in the vicinity including their signal strength, channel no. A tuner for instruments! This one for Maemo pretty much has the functionality down pat: I know there's TuneIt in the store, and a guitar tuner by A.

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Krats, but the former only plays notes and tends to crash , and the latter doesn't really work with my ukulele at least. User set photos selected from. The application tha adds a back arrow to the keybord. Right beside to the dot-mark by shortening the space button. The finger pointing system doesnt work properly and is a bit difficult to use too. Works like a charm!

For example the fecebook app. Not working. I want a back arrow! I've developed Butaca: It provides the same functionality as IMDB, so you'll probably enjoy it: I have a request on apps, i tried to install an appleapp on the n9 from my computer, it didn't work. The app starwalk on apple is pretty fun and educationally good,you can se planet and stars and even the names.

So why don't you make a copy of it convert it from iOS to as symbian anna or qt. Sweet don't you agree? See http: Also an app so we can use our photos to cover open apps or webpages with the written text of the app or webpage name within the photo. Makes the open app screen look more personal. APRS application tracks, vehicles, maps, maybe this is useful http: Convince scobbler to make port for N9 http: Yes, I need a wi-fi file transfer app too. MyExplorer said they intend to port to N9 but they are having difficulty getting an N9 as they are based in U.

There is already an ebook reader which works here: Did you try http: Or is there some features missing? Just a simple recorder that compresses to mp3. And right after making the recording it should give an option to either save it or share it like it does with the camera. So that i could either send the recording via multimedia sms or email or even via all my social networks.

I have though discovered the Recorder, but it doesnt do mp 3's so the recordings are too big to be sent via sms. I haven't tried Recorder, so I don't know about filesizes, but the best way to share files between machines is DropN9 , which is a Dropbox client. Just install Dropbox on your computer s and other devices and Dropbox always syncs all files in the dropbox folder automatically. I know dropbox, but it is the easiest way to send "tells" to my daughter by dictating them and send within a multimedia message.

CacheMe further development of it, http: I need a comic book reader app like Comix or cbrpager , yahoo chat app, subtitle and codec supports for media player. Cinema Information , it provides movie showtimes: I'm the developer, and eager to get feedback: Id like the same features for the hotmail account! App requests There's been a need for a section for app requests, so we thought to put this up. Also, remember to vote up all useful comments.

Teach your children basic quran surah with this amazing quran tutor app for kids. ABC learning Preschool https: Wal Wallpaper HD Background https: Somebody please update instago. Because it haven't got find button. Please port it from ios using Qt Take a look at phoneME. I would love to have a pinterest and weheartit app on my Nokia N9!

More Games like Pharaoh's Way a slot game or one that is for Nokia!!!! Wunderlist - If not an app, at least they should have a mobile version of their website. Vine for N9. I mean the vineapp that allows to post short 6 second videos on twitter. Skype is built-in in the OS and have chat and call no video call. One app per comment please.

Meego needs a 'google drive' application. What do you people think? Browse files and directories Create new directory Upload, download, share and delete files Very good app and free: I would like a photoshop like app for the N9 or something like mypaint. If you read the rules, 1 app per comment.. There's an app called Eyrie Music Detection which is the same thing. Is there a Document editor for Word and Excel documents for the N9. Nokia Live Tv. Subway Suffers Entertainment.

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